Self-Promotion: How Much is too Much?

Of the many things I read about successful blogging one thing that sticks out to me is marketing. Okay, commenting on others’ blogs is another big topic but let me get into marketing. Self-promotion. And this is one I can use help from fellow bloggers who are much more established than I am.

I struggle with not being “noticed” and I recognize part of that has to do with me. Other part, well, I don’t know. But I know I have not been putting in as much work as I probably could be. I’m working on that, albeit slowly. But one thing that concerns is me is finding the line between getting myself out there with self-promotion and shameless attention whoring.

I like attention. Let’s be real, who doesn’t? And I won’t lie; when I feel like I’m not getting much of it I start to whine. I’ve gotten better at not whining or complaining but I’m human. I have my days. Today was one of those days unfortunately. I had this post in mind for a few days but was unsure of how I wanted to write it or what to write.

When I saw a fellow blogger and friend/acquaintance tweeted the link to his updated blog and it was re-tweeted many times I had to wonder: When is it too much? How do define too much? Is there ever too much?

I am the shy type to an extent and I’ve also been swatted down many times when trying to promote myself. I’ve been considered selfish, self-serving, arrogant, whatever adjective you wish to use.  Mind you this was before blogging but still, the insecurities have stuck.

Could be a roadblock…but not quite.

Few sang my praises with the exception of a few friends who were supportive. With all due respect to my parents, neither of them paid much attention to any of my achievements. They were more about, “Are you sure you can do that?” or “Why are you doing that? It’s a waste of time.” My dad, for example, never understood why I wrote. He saw it as pointless and as such my confidence was shaken. To this day he still doesn’t get it but he’s left me alone and I no longer seek his approval for what I do with my writing. When I was 22 and in college I felt I had to have his approval.

Fast forward to today, I don’t know how to promote my blog without seeming like it’s overkill. So I ask you, my fellow blogger: How do you promote? How often? What would you suggest for someone like me who is afraid to promote or promoting too much? Is there ever too much? Okay, I asked that earlier but I’m asking again.

I know it’s unlikely for me to ever be popular in the blogosphere or in real life but I’d like to be able to check my e-mail in the morning and know someone out there is reading and not just by numbers. I’d like to read comments. In some ways, it is like seeking approval much like I sought from my parents and the world in general.

So I leave it you, my friends. How do you get over shyness or how would recommend getting over it?

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