What is The Best Soap for New Tattoo Care?

If you’ve ever had a new tattoo before, then you should know that how important it is to wash the tattoo cleanly and regularly once the healing process has started. When you get a new tattoo, your tattoo artist will cover the tattoo, which you can keep overnight if you have done it in the evening or else you can remove it before you go to sleep. As with all things, listen to what your tattoo artist advises and you’ll have a much better experience during the healing process.

Once you remove the wrap, you should apply anti-bacterial and non-scented soap to clean the tattoo area. To remove the blood stains, try to clean the tattoo a couple of times and keep the area clean and dry. The key thing is to be gentle while tending to the wounded area.

How frequently should you wash your tattoo with soap?

For the first week or two, you can wash your tattoo every morning after you wake up and also, wash it every night before you sleep. If you work out a lot at the gym and sweat a lot, then they have to wash the tattoo area after you finish at the gym each time and maintain the tattoo area to keep it clean. Same thing if you have a job that is dirty and sweaty. You’ll need to clean it after your work day.

Also, it is crucial to make sure the washing sessions is short and efficient. You should avoid keeping your tattoo in the water for longer than is absolutely necessary. Don’t soak the tattoo or let the water coming out of the shower head hit the tattoo directly (at least in the very beginning anyway). Instead you’ll want to cup some water in your hand and gently pour it onto the newly tattoo’d area(s). After a week or so you can try having a normal shower but this time frame can be vastly different person to person as everyone heals differently.

When can you Stop Using Soap on Your New Tattoo?

You should always use non-perfumed, anti-bacterial soap through the entire healing process of your new tattoo. Once your tattoo begins to peel and you come to the final part of the healing process, then you can reduce the usage of the tattoo soap, but, you should make sure that the entire tattoo areas are always clean. Infection at any stage is a very bad thing.

Even if you feel that your tattoo wound is completely healed, and you don’t feel any pain when you touch the tattoo you should still use the soap as needed and be gentle and careful. It’s also worth noting that above and beyond a good tattoo cleanser you should be using a tattoo aftercare product. This will help with many things such as; pain, inflammation, getting better color from the tattoo, and much faster healing times. As with the soap we recommend a natural aftercare solution as opposed to one with synthetic ingredients but the most important thing is to just keep the area clean.

What is the best anti-bacterial non-scented soap to use for the tattoo wound?

Primitive Outpost Ink’d Tattoo Soap:

Primitive Outpost get my vote as having the best tattoo wash on the market. It’s made with natural ingredients, is unscented, antibacterial, goes on smooth, moisturizes and helps with healing times all while being extremely gentle.. The two main ingredients that stand out to me are the Calendula Oil and the Arnica Oil. This dynamic duo helps with pain and inflammation and helps keep the swelling/redness down as well as helps to make for a much faster recovery. You just can’t ask for anything more. Two big thumbs up!

Dial Gold Antibacterial Hand Soap:

There are various antibacterial soaps available in the market, but choosing the best soap among them can be an intimidating process. This soap is the best in terms of moisturizing, the quality and price.

H2Ocean BGF (Blue Green Foam) Soap:
If you want to try different tattoo care soap, then you must look for the soap that can enhance the tattoo color, quality of the tattoos, and the recovery time. You can use this H2O foam soap as this soap cleans better and helps you tattoo heal quicker.

However, the size of the H2O is small, so it is advisable to use this soap only if your tattoo is of a smaller size. But, if you have a larger area, then use the Dial Gold or Primitive Outpost Ink’d.

Tattoo Goo Deep Sanitization Soap:

The Tattoo Goo is one of the best and branded antibacterial soaps that you can find on the market. This soap offers best and quick results for cleaning new tattoos. I personally liked this product for its high-quality performance and healing process. This soap can help you maintain your tattoo properly and does not fade your tattoo like other strong soaps.

As you can see there are many options and they all do a good job. But as with all things there are levels kinda like a good, better, best, and Primitive Outposts Ink’d line is in the best category.

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