Never Give Up In Life – How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Never give up is the secret behind every successful person in the world. Everyone should have to take “never give up” as a pledge in their life. The reason behind everyone’s failure is that when they don’t get the desired result they will quit soon without trying again. We must realize everything cannot be achieved easily. Some matters can achieve easily but some other requires continuous effort, overcome the hindrance, hard work and mindset to never give up.

Everybody knows about the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” directed by Gabriele Muccino based on the true story of Chris Gardner’s nearly one year struggle with homelessness. This is one of the examples for a mind to never give up under struggling circumstances. Other role models are Walt Disney who face many rejections from newspaper editors, they said he had no talent but became the biggest creator, Thomas Alva Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the electric bulb, Abraham Lincoln who failed in business at the age of 21, his sweetheart died at age 26 and had a nervous breakdown at age 27 but became the president of the United States of America. We must learn from the life stories of these people and set our mind to never give up in life. Here are some techniques that anyone can follow to never give up never surrender in life.

1. Put a limit in your expectations

We know that expectations are really good. We all have expectations about our life, family, friends, job and so on. They are a natural part of our ambition for a better standard of living. When your ambition becomes high, naturally your expectations become high. It creates problem when your expectations become impractical. When we expect too much, it surely leads to disappointment. This will affect all areas of our life. We may lose our control on our life. In order to avoid this, we should set realistic expectations which are able to achieve practically. It enables to save our time and energy.

2. Find fun to do impossible

To achieve the most difficult task, we need to put in a lot of hard work, patience, persistence, perspiration and dedication. We must realize that in this world, anything is possible. We don’t have to concern about the result. Just concentrate on your performance towards the attainment of goal. When we strive towards success we face lots of obstacles. Then many of us think, it is impossible to get success. No one can achieve success without overcoming the obstacles in their journey. We should have to find fun to do impossible and set up our mind to never give up on life. Attaining impossible things help to boost our confidence.

3. Enlarge your vision

We should push our limits in our life. Life is a long journey, we must enlarge our vision and take actions to make our dream come true. We cannot attain success only with large vision but also we should take actions to make that vision real. There a lot of opportunities around us. By selecting the suitable opportunities at the correct time will help you to attain success easily.

4. Attract the good around you

When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at change. When you accept only good things around you and rejecting negative things, you will find a world that wants you to be successful. This enables you to get the love of others easily. We all have the power of knowledge, using that knowledge to good use is one of the effective methods to attract abundance around you.

5. Let go of the past

Thinking about your past failures makes you disappointed, anxious, tensed, inactive and so on. We must accept that we cannot change our past. But it is possible for you to learn from your past failures and how to do the same thing when you get the next chance in the future. In this way, we are changing our past failure mentally. But we cannot change our past physically. When you make mistakes, you will receive a lot of advice from others. You don’t have to accept all pieces of advice, only accept that are useful and meaningful.

Believe in yourself and always practice the above effective techniques that help you to attain a mind to never give up in life.

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