Cheese Can Give You Cancer – Or Not!

Holy scare tactic! Sound like something that is a load of hooey? Yea, that’s what I thought too. When I heard this from a nutrition expert recently my jaw hit the floor. Cheese. Dairy. These things give you cancer. Say what?!

Let me just say I am skeptical of nutrition experts who work for small shops that are all about nutrition, vitamins, crazy liquids guaranteed to drop a lot of weight in 30 days, etc. Everything in these shops are for the hardcore types who wouldn’t dare look at a box of Cheez-Its and think, “Yum!”

When it comes to my diet and nutrition I am careful with what I eat and yet I am also aware that trying to be perfect or being too rigid will lead to frustration. My daily goal is to include at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables, at least 64 ounces of water, a decent amount of lean protein, and watch the bad carbs. I don’t succeed every day. I am okay with that.

For those of us on the weight loss journey or just trying to eat healthier there’s so much conflicting information it’s impossible to discern what is good to eat and what isn’t. It’s hard to believe Person A is 100% correct when Person B says something different and Persons C and D are somewhere in the middle. How do you make sense of it?

Simple. No, really. It is. Here’s the secret:

Do what is best for YOU. But wait! There is a catch.

Listen to those who have a lot of knowledge when it comes to nutrition. Ask questions. Be willing to learn and understand. At the end of all of it, figure out what is best for you. What are you willing to change or eliminate and what is a no go?

Now, if that huge burger from McDonald’s is not something you’re willing to get rid of we need to chat a bit further. But if switching from high fat to reduced fat cheese is a start then so be it. If you opt to have grilled chicken with steamed veggies (yum!) and brown rice that’s awesome. Or perhaps a small baked potato with a smidge of butter.

Right now if a nutritionist examined my daily eating he/she could probably make suggestions and changes left and right. How many of them would I agree with and listen to? If I was told to eliminate Cheez-Its, Triscuits, and even peanut butter from my diet would I listen? Probably not. Those small snacks on occasion are a simple guilty pleasure for me.

Instead of eating half a box of Triscuits like I used to, I now eat the 7 cracker serving size and I only buy reduced fat. Seem like a rip off? Try it and have some low fat cottage cheese or salsa. Trust me, it’s an awesome snack. Add some fruit or veggies on the side and it’s quite satisfying.

When it comes to diet and nutrition how do you approach the many thoughts and opinions out there? Do you listen or simply say “Screw it!” and do your own thing?

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