Casement Air Conditioner – The Best Choice


Joshua Hall invented a cabinet that housed ice blocks in 1877. His company, the Belding-Hall Company, became known for these ice cabinets in Belding Michigan where hardwoods were abundant and a skilled Danish workforce was established. Then Frank Gibson came and bought the Belding-Hall Company in the beginning of the 1900s. The Gibson Company was a competitor and the largest in this kind of industry during these times. This company was selling refrigerators and then started to manufacture air conditioning units including the casement air conditioner.

You will sleep better knowing that what you are breathing in is clean and fresh. The Gibson brand is also different from the Amana slider air conditioning units or the Frigidaire slider air conditioners because of its antibacterial filter.

The Gibson casement air conditioner also has LCDI cord protection to remove any fire hazards that this might cause. Your air conditioner will work hard in the safest way possible because the Gibson appliances are part of the Electrolux brand. You will be sure to get efficient and reliable services for the reason that this brand has been around for a long time.

The Gibson casement air conditioner has three fan speeds to choose from to ensure quality comfort in whatever weather or climate conditions. It also has a four-way direction control, so that you can relax and rest easy in every corner of your room. It has an auto cool function and can be adjusted to energy save mode. So if you are worried about electricity bills, you will not have to suffer from the heat or the humidity. The sleep mode can also be turned on. This means that the Gibson casement air conditioner turns itself off after eight hours.

If you do not know when to change the antibacterial mesh filter, there is also a filter check option to help you maintain your air conditioning unit. The slide out access to the filter ensures that you can clean the filter with ease. The Gibson casement air conditioner has a 24-hour on and off timer, so you can shut it off or turn it on as per your set schedule. It even has Cabinet Louvers for the most excellent look.

The Low Voltage Compensation technology will surely save your Gibson casement air conditioner when energy fluctuations occur. And it even comes with an easy mount window mounting kit that guarantees a hassle-free installation. So if you want centuries-old expertise for your air conditioning needs, choose the Gibson casement air conditioner.

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