Benefits Of Ceylon Tea – Health Benefits of Drinking Ceylon Tea

If you are someone who loves to drink teas that are good for health, like black tea, green tea, ginseng tea and several other such types then you are at the right place, reading the right article. You see, if you search the internet for teas that come with medicinal properties then we are pretty sure of the fact that your screen will be bombarded with hundreds of names and results but let’s face it, you cannot just try each and every single tea. In fact, the wiser thing to do would be to search for the best and the most suitable teas that suit your requirements and your health condition and then when you find the “one”, you buy it and you start drinking it.

Now, today in this article we are going to talk about one of the most popular teas at the moment and here by that tea we are referring you to none other than the “Ceylon Tea”. Just to save you from the confusion, “Ceylon” is a place/region in Sri Lanka where this “tea” grows and due to its region it’s given the name “Ceylon”.

The Ceylon tea can be produced from black tea leaves, green tea leaves and white tea leaves too that come from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Yes, you read it right and all these teas offer almost the same benefits but if you talk about the Ceylon tea in general, well, it’s famous mainly because this tea comes with antioxidants that are good for your overall health.

The Different Types Of Ceylon Tea

As said earlier, there are three main types of the Ceylon tea and now we are going to discuss them all one by one.

Green Ceylon Tea:  the green Ceylon tea is made up of fresh Ceylon leaves and it’s the easiest one to make. In this case the leaves aren’t completely fermented and they are rolled when partially done. This tea is usually effective because it has more antioxidants in it.

Black Ceylon Tea: black Ceylon tea comes with the least number of antioxidants mainly because this tea is made up of the old stems and leaves of the Ceylon plant. It’s one of the most complicated types of the Ceylon tea.

White Ceylon Tea: This tea isn’t processed at all which is why this one has more antioxidants than the other two types.The leaves of this tea are picked by hand and there’s a very short time window for that in the harvesting season.

Now, among the three types, the white Ceylon tea is the best one but it’s more expensive and rare because again, it’s picked by hand and the time frame for picking is very short.

Benefits Of The Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea comes with a number of benefits and it can treat a number of medical conditions. Let’s have a look at some of the best benefits of this tea;

1- It helps in weight loss
If you are someone who is trying hard to lose some weight then you need to take the Ceylon tea as this tea can fasten up your weight loss process. First of all, we all know the fact that green tea aids in weight loss and same is the case with the green Ceylon tea. On the other hand, even research shows that Ceylon tea is good for some weight loss as this tea prevents the formation of fat in the body and it basically breaks the one that’s already present. The second reason why this tea aids in weight loss is because it boosts the metabolism of the body and it is but a fact that increase in metabolism means more fat will burn.

2- It’s good for the heart 
Ceylon tea helps prevent heart strokes and heart attacks. Basically Ceylon tea comes with potassium which is quite good for the overall health of the body and it’s specifically good for the heart. Moreover, this tea can help you relax because potassium helps in relaxing the veins and the arteries which means that your blood pressure will stay under control and you won’t be at a risk of a heart attack.

3- It can help prevent diabetes
Diabetes is one common disease at the moment and if you are someone who wants to regulate it or if you just want to protect yourself from diabetes then the green Ceylon tea is a must for you. This tea comes with properties that help in controlling the blood sugar levels too.

4- It helps in maintaining a healthy skin
Ceylon tea can help you in keeping your skin all fresh and healthy all the time. Most importantly, this tea protects your skin from the UV radiations that are dangerous for you. The best part is that if you have any scars or wounds on your skin, you can just simply apply green tea on them and you will see some real time improvement in your skin within a short time period.

These are just some of the main benefits of Ceylon tea but in real if you make some more research on it, you’ll know that this tea comes with uncountable benefits. Honestly, one thing is for sure that this tea won’t be a waste of money for you and once you start using it, you will definitely see the results on your own.

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