Battle Against Weight Loss – Why You Are Losing!

You must have read thousands of articles in magazines and on the internet on how to lose weight. They seem like golden words you needed to hear to reach your eternal goal. But no matter how much you read or try to apply them into your life, poor you will never stop being disappointed every time you look into the mirror or meet a slim friend of yours.

Did you ever ask yourself, why you haven’t been able to achieve your goal, even after trying so hard? We can help you figure out the reasons:

1. Cravings

Most people cannot maintain their weight loss routine because of the continuous distracting thoughts of junk or oily food they have been missing out on. If you are one of those people, maybe you could fix a day in the month when you can look forward to having your favorite meal.

Note: Make sure you do not overindulge because it takes one day to ruin it all. It’s your choice to be either disciplined or to spend your whole life being jealous of your neighbor who has a 28-inch waist.

2. Office

Continuous sitting in one spot slows down your metabolism. Your workout routine should not just remain for the weekends. Try to do as much activity as possible during working days as well. Like; You could take a walk before leaving for office, use stairs no matter how tired you are and take breaks between work to stretch your arms and legs. The food choices available in the office cafeteria could also be a reason for your weight gain. It is better if you take lunch from home. Also, avoid having unhealthy snacks while glaring at the computer screen.

3. Breakfast

Skipping breakfast does no good to your health. Rather it makes you feel hungry all day long which leads you to eat more in the next meal. Prefer having a healthier breakfast, like a hot delicious soup. Be smart enough to not have “Healthy noodles” even if Madhuri Dixit says so.

4. Diet

Crash dieting is too tough to follow. Plus, you will gain weight right after you are over with your diet plan.Cutting out on unhealthy options from your daily diet and replacing some of it with healthier alternatives like fruits, salads and eggs works wonders. Having green tea first thing in the morning also helps to boost the metabolism and increases fat burning rate, which leads to weight loss.

5. Exercise

Different people have different body types. Sometimes a workout session does not prove to shoe results in just one week. It’s better to not lose hope. Trust your trainee.

Remember: When you feel like giving up, that is the moment which decides if you have the will to lose weight or not. Your fitness routine also gives a boost to your confidence, makes your skin glow and keeps you active throughout the day. So, keep going to achieve a healthy lifestyle and not just weight loss.

We wish you very good luck with your weight loss battles.

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