5 Tips to Help Improve Your Writing

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I have been in one hell of a funk these past few weeks. Every time I sit down at my desk to write I either stare at a blinking cursor or I write a bunch of gibberish that makes no sense. In the old days, I would have ripped a sheet of paper off the typewriter and flung that turd right into the trashcan.

In my never ending quest to write something that doesn’t suck, I decided to do what any funked up writer/blogger would do: Reach out to the blogging network and ask for help with getting out of a funk.

And soon it hit me. Tips to improve your writing! Yes! What better way to get out of a funk than by helping OTHER writers who want to improve and maybe get out of a funk of their own. Genius!

If you’re looking to improve your writing, here are 5 suggestions that may help you suck just a little less. Results may vary based on any number of factors.

1. Read

I find that reading helps me improve, even if only a smidge. It gets the creative juices flowing and, depending on what I read, it helps me channel the style I am looking for. Humor? Snark? Seriousness? Reflective? Reading HELPS. A lot. And why wouldn’t you read if you’re a writer? If you’re struggling to write and need to get your shit together, go pick up a book.

2. Just Write

Seems so damn easy doesn’t it? Quit shooting dirty looks at me. Free-writing has its benefits at times. My writing cohorts tell me quite often to just write. Wait…what? That’s what I’m TRYING to do, damn it. Well, they’re write…I mean right.

My favorite comfy spot often includes a cat or two.

Find a cozy spot to sit in, grab a drink (alcoholic or otherwise, that’s your business) and get comfy. Then, set a timer and let the words flow through your fingertips. It’s going to suck, no doubt about that. But hey, it’s a start. Run with it.

3. Get Out of the Damn House

Kinda contradictory, no? Roll with me on this one.

As writers we sometimes get too comfy in our favorite spots. We become complacent and stop trying to make our words suck less. It’s the same old crap only a different day and the end result is us banging our heads against a wall. Getting out of the house/apartment/shack/tent whatever is a good way to get those juices flowing again. Just don’t make a mess, mmkay?

4. Have a Snack or A Meal

What? Yes! You know the Snickers commercial: You are not yourself when you’re hungry. The same goes for writing. How can you write your most brilliant pieces if your stomach is rumbling and you haven’t eaten in who knows how long? Stop writing. Go eat. And while you’re at it, read. Kill two birds with one stone. Or something like that.

5. Ask For Advice & Listen to Your Writing Cohorts

Let’s be real here: Sometimes, all you need a second or third pair of eyes on your work. Find honest writer friends who will give it to you straight and will tell you what needs to improve. Writer friends are life savers.

Maybe you just need a swift kick to the ass and to be told to stop overthinking. Maybe you need a fresh perspective on your ideas. Whatever it is, your writer friends are great for helping with improving your writing.

I’m certain there are dozens more ways to help improve your writing, but I’ve found that sometimes these five things are just what I need to make my own writing not suck so much.

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