About Kim

My name is Kim Ulmanis.

In case you’re wondering about the origin of my last name, it’s Latvian.

I’m a slightly overcaffeinated and sometimes neurotic early 30-something known for being feisty and opinionated. I grew up trading barbs with my dad and as such I have mastered the art of snappy comebacks…or at least I like to think so. Considering my husband (seen below) is also a master of snappy comebacks, this skill has come in handy when we’re bantering.

So, who the heck am I? Besides a smart-ass with a coffee addiction that is.

I’m a wife (duh), part-time student at UNLV (Go Rebels!), and frequent avoider of all things housework. I left the workforce in 2010 somewhat voluntarily with a plan to return eventually…

…I haven’t made it there yet.

Instead, you’ll often find me lurking around on campus (unless it’s for a morning class, then I just haul ass outta there when it’s over) or hanging out at home. Other times you’ll find me sipping on a cup of java at one of my favorite coffee houses, usually with my laptop in front of me pretending to do something important.

As a photographer I enjoy photographing/documenting the old signs and architecture of Las Vegas and along historic Route 66. If it’s neon or was once neon, I’m there to shoot it. I’m big on travel and love a good road trip complete with Bob Seger on the radio. A road trip just isn’t a road trip without some classic rock.

I’m the kind of gal who will get out of bed at 6 a.m. on cold November morning and chase a steam train through the California desert…and I have.

I’m one of those gals who tries to be girlie but ends up preferring to get dirty rather than fuss over whether her hair and makeup looks perfect. I burp, I swear, and I have a slightly juvenile sense of humor. And I like it that way. Yes, I do know how to behave in public…most of the time.

Want to know more? Read through the blog and follow along. You can also e-mail me at kim@coffeepotchronicles.com or catch me on Facebook or Twitter.