Two Years Ago…

…I married my best friend. I call him a variety of names depending on my mood and whether I am pissed off at him about something. Most of you following me know him as either hubby, John, or Foodtographer. These past two years have been  filled with fun, love, and plenty of cuss words. This is us on our wedding day:

Photo courtesy Byron Mason. We just call him Cupcake. Haha.

During our first year of marriage we moved from our tiny one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom in the same complex, adopted two cats, and even sent a chicken boob flying through said apartment during an argument. We dealt with a screwed up schedule, a single car and income, and my returning to school. And of course, we had fun.

Our “kids”: Melvin (white & orange fuzzball) and Arlen (gray & white fuzzball).

The second year brought more laughs and more cursing. Would you expect anything different from us? I didn’t think so. We visited far away lands in California and Arizona (hey, when you’re broke anything over 100 miles and requires an overnight stay is far away) and spent time lurking around our own hood.

Pics? Well, of course! Some of these will be from after May 2012. Unfortunately my hard drive crashed and I lost a lot of cool pics. I did go hunting on Facebook since I’m kind of an attention whore when it comes to pics.

Las Vegas Container Store Opening Preview Party

Road trip to Victorville. Yes, we run around with rubber ducks and a stuffed penguin.

*ahem* I accidentally got only the scarecrow’s crotch in this one.

And true to our usual selves, there were the goofball solo pics with all of our antics. From photo bombs to jazz hands, we make it a point to have fun when we go out and not give a damn what others might think when they see us.

Photo bomb!

Jazz hands! Vegas style!

It’s been an awesome two years and even with any bullshit we dealt with or moments where we wanted to strangle each other (every marriage goes through this…don’t try to convince me yours doesn’t) I am thankful every day for an awesome husband who I love more each day. Okay, so that’s totally cliché but it’s true.

He’s smart, funny as hell, and has an impressive ability to put up with my crap. Quick! Someone give this man an award! He deserves it! Oh wait, that’s my job isn’t it? *ahem*

Here’s to many more kick ass years together complete with fart jokes, swearing, flying chicken boobs, photo bombs, and jazz hands.

To John: I love you, hon! Thanks for being the amazing husband you are! I am honored and proud to be your wife.


  1. So sweet! You both have beautiful smiles…:)