It Started with a Duck…

A giant rubber duck named Just Ducky (Ducky for short) that is.

Along with Ducky is an entourage of several more smaller ducks and other fun characters.

Their fun and outgoing human owner is my good friend Jon (photo on the left behind Ducky). He has a passion for adventure and an even greater passion for all things rubber ducks. And wherever he goes, the ducks go along with him.

The trio below is a small representation of the many rubber ducks Jon owns. And when I say many I mean he can fill his entire bathtub and line them up along the edges and he’d still have more to show.

Loco is on the far left. I can’t remember the names of the other two.

It’s because of these ducks and Jon that I; too, have become fond of them. I’ve owned two since a month or so before John and I (yes, they’re both named John but my friend doesn’t have an H) married 2 years ago but never thought much of it.

Mr. and Mrs. Duck when they were still flying solo.

Today, we have a growing flock hanging out on our TV waiting for the next adventure. Two of our friends are not ducks but they still join the fun. Pimento is a penguin with a bit of a drinking problem and Hedgie is a hedgehog rescued from a gift store basket in Las Vegas. He’s kind of shy so he hasn’t been out yet.

From left to right: Hedgie, Casey, Lucifer, Mr. Duck, Mrs. Duck, Pimento, Sunny, and Chilly

Hanging out with Jon and Just Ducky at the top of the Stratosphere.

Hanging out at Valley Wells rest area in California.

Our flock of feathered friends doesn’t go with us everywhere but there’s always some kind of adventure. Thanks to Jon I’ve actually lightened up a bit, albeit slowly. And I’ve realized there are things to be learned from my adventure loving friend.

1. Don’t take life too seriously. If a grown man can roam around with a giant rubber duck and not give a damn about what others think then why can’t you or I?
2. Life should be about adventure. Are we really living if we can’t have fun and see the good in every day we are alive?
3. There really is fun to be had around every corner.
4. A flock of rubber ducks can make just about anyone smile. Or at the very least, ask questions.

If you want to learn more about Just Ducky and follow along on his many adventures check out his page on Facebook. You won’t be sorry, trust me. 8-)


  1. Imagine my bleary-eyed surprise to be sipping my first cup of coffee, groggily going through the motions of wakening the brain. First I settle into my chair, take a few more sips while the computer comes to life, glance at news headlines, etc. Then open my email. Still asleep, I do not even glance at the various emails in the inbox, just numbly start opening them. After several, I open the one that says “Kim has tagged you on Facebook.” OK, I’ll see what that is in a few minutes onced I get to Facebook after finishing emails. Then a few more down is the one showing a new post on your blog. I always enjoy your blogs, so opened it. Still, only a few sips into my first cup of coffee, and I see My own face staring at me! OK, I’m awake now! :)

    I gotta say I am honored! (and a wee bit flattered, too~ yeah, if you could see my grin) Thank you Kim! I have not yet shown it to Ducky. That crazy duck gets a little more excited whenever he sees himself in print. I will show Him when I get my second cup.

    Glad Ducky has been able to teach not only Me, but also others (including you) how to enjoy life a wee-bit more!

    Thanks, again, Kim! You Rock! ~=:-)

  2. Cute! Rubber duckies have come a long way, and it looks like they are taking you and Jon with them!

  3. It sounds like you two have a lot of fun together!

  4. That’s so cute! Love your collection! I work at a college and our mascot is a duck so I’ve started a little collection of my own too! Mine reside in our kitchen!

  5. I love this post! I keep stuffed animals at my desk, because they make me happy. I know it makes me look less professional, but who cares!

    I am really working on enjoying the beauty in life.

    The ducks are hilarious.

    • Thanks, Kate!

      I hear ya about looking a little less professional (or mature as the case may be) but as you know and are clearly doing, it’s about appreciating the small things in life (literally and figuratively). I think some people get a little too uptight for their own good sometimes (guilty as charged) and bringing out something fun like this can really help change the mood.