When Life Gets Crazy

Dear Blog,

I know I’ve neglected you for nearly a month. Life got in the way and even though I wanted to write, the mojo just wasn’t there. Will you forgive me? Of course you will. The service I use for hosting you is paid in full for the next several months so until I shut you down (don’t panic…not happening any time soon) you’ll still be around.

Life got crazy my friends. I’ve been navigating the waters of UNLV (if I was on campus the day it got flooded I’d be speaking literally), dealing with a lot of emotional crap, and realizing that sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water.

To clarify, my husband and I gave my dad the boot to some extent. He chose to leave on his own but we also wanted him out. Long story short, things got ugly and we got fed up with being disrespected in our own home, often only towards me.

But, things began looking up for us following his departure. We decided to not dwell on the past and instead chose to look forward. Good things happened.

One of those good things turned out to be me getting a new car. Okay, it’s new to me since it’s a 2003 but hey, it’s big news in this household. After nearly 2 years of being a one car household, we bit the bullet and decided to take a a risk. A huge risk.

On the day my dad left we found ourselves strangely energized, motivated, and ready to take on the world. Struggles be damned. We were going to kick ass and take names, if you’ll excuse the cliche.

The car meant change. It meant opportunity. It meant freedom and independence for me once again. We acknowledged that it will be a bit challenging for us financially for a few months but we also realized how much this change was needed for the benefit and sanity of this household.

Life is still crazy but with good things on the horizon and plans for the future, we’re both confident we’ll come out ahead.

On another note, school is going well thankfully. On October 1, I will be starting a class hosted by MomComm called Content Brew, a one week class designed to help bloggers create content for blogs and social media and how to plan out content for at least one month, hopefully more. I am also looking forward to attending Bloggy Boot Camp Las Vegas on October 13.

There’s much more ahead including our 2-year wedding anniversary, my 32nd birthday, and of course the holidays. The remaining months of 2012 are going to be great. I am 150% confident it will be.

And hopefully I won’t be going 3+ weeks to post next time. Thanks for sticking around!


  1. JOn ~=:-) Miller says:

    I am always happy to see positive from my friends. This post, however, makes me Very happy! I won’t go so far as to say I am giddy, Just Very happy! (ok, it could also be that I am just barely into my first cup of coffee, so in another hour I very well could be giddy… guess we’ll wait n see.)
    I love to see positive changes, and positive attitude. It is wonderful to know you’ve gotten a car! The new ventures sound like a great new challenge. So much to fsmile about in this post.

    …but I do have a complaint… I do not know why it bithers me today, yet not previously: Ya know that little box below that I must check to “confirm you are human”?? I gotta say I do not really believe I am fully human, especially with only starting my morning coffee. But I gotta check it, just to post. Seems to me like I am forced to lie about whether or not I am human.

    • Drink that coffee and get giddy dammit! Heehee.

      Now, to address your complaint: I have not noticed a difference in my spam comments by using that box. I still get spam bots that seem legit but really aren’t. So, because I think you rock and you’re a friend I totally adore, I will edit the box since I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. As such, I am now definitely holding you to treating me to gelato in the very near future. =)

  2. Tim Anderson says:

    KIM! Glad your stress generating situation is gone. And having a new set of wheels is even better, especially when the alternative is bending two schedules around each other. As you know there have been huge changes in my personal life; just when the professional life was really getting into overdrive. Well, as Mr. Armistead Maupin wrote in Tales of the City, Michael’s Rule: hot mate, hot apartment or hot job; NEVER all three at the same time!

    And the parental stress: I loved my parents dearly but I knew I had to get far away in order to become me. Your dad looks at you and likely still sees a little girl — and you’re a married woman going for an advanced degree! That shows a level of determination he’d likely see right away: but he’s too damn close to you to perceive it. Like the story of the blindfolded men describing an elephant…jeez, where did that come from? Mrs. Wiseman’s honors comp prep lit class, 1982?

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for all the support, Tim!

      My dad; unfortunately, is a very miserable person who is still stuck in the past. He doesn’t see the woman I am today. He sees the immature little girl I was 10 years ago. He’s not happy so he doesn’t seem to want anyone else to be happy. Damn shame but at 74 he won’t be changing at any time. I do care about him and always will but that type of toxin in my home isn’t welcome. In this case, my marriage and my husband is top priority. Not like it’s ever not a top priority but if I had to choose between a miserable parent or a loving marriage, I’d go for the loving marriage.

      Right now is MY time and I’m not letting miserable people bring me down with them, family or otherwise. Come too far to make that mistake a second time.

      • Life happens. The car is fantastic! Now, that means it will be easier to get around when we take pictures of Vegas…did I say that? =)

        • Thanks, Sarah!

          Once you finally get your happy ass to Vegas I’d be happy to drive when roaming around Vegas. I’ll be your personal tour guide! :)

  3. I know the feeling. I was out for 2 weeks myself and life happens. I just come back writing and only post when I know its something I know will add value or I won’t post at all. Congrats on your new car and all the new changes in your life. Keep going forward. Go girl!

    • Thanks, Sonia! Glad to see you around!

      I wanted to write but I felt like everything I would write would be random gibberish no one cares about. There were things to discuss but due to varying factors I just didn’t bother to write. Guess I just needed the mental break.

  4. Ugh. I’m ridiculously jealous of you. Back in May I had enough money saved for Content Brew but it wasn’t available, then of course tons of stuff happens and the money goes poof right before Content Brew opens up again. Lucky! Grr….

    Congrats on the car and the eviction (I guess). I know how toxic family members can be and living with them . . shudder to think. ((hugs))

    • Thanks, Jia!

      I can relate on the money issue. My mind goes through this whole thought process that toys with spending the money but not being sure it’s the right thing to do when there are more important things to worry about. I have some weird guilt complex that sometimes makes things difficult for me/us.

      As for the eviction, it’s a good thing. I do love my dad of course but I just can no longer tolerate being treated like crap. I’ve let it go on for too long and I finally got the balls to put my foot down. Life is better this way. He’ll never learn so it’s better to stand up for myself and get rid of the toxin than sit around hoping it will change.