Return of the Couch Potato

It’s been just under a week since we returned home from our adventures in Victorville. As expected, both of us were a little bit wiped out for a day or two following our return. Back to our own bed, our own routines. Back to days spent in front of the computer.

I frequently lament life for me is boring. Many of my days are spent staring at a screen browsing Facebook, occasionally tweeting, or ogling photos on Flickr. Now that we have cable again I have added CSI marathons to the list.

I’ve returned to being a couch potato. Or would that be an office chair potato? Either way, it’s the same sedentary lifestyle that contributed to a 40 pound weight gain and depression.

Exercise is encouraged by those who have been supportive of my weight loss journey but admittedly the scorching heat outside kills my motivation and ups the couch potato way of life. I despise walking down the stairs when it’s 109 degrees and/or muggy as all hell.

And when it comes to this blog, the content just isn’t there. I sit back and wonder, “What is there to write about in the first place?” Sure our trip to Victorville was fun and I met some great people but there wasn’t (in my mind) a lot to write about.

One of the reasons I have chosen to major in Journalism at UNLV is not because of career aspirations but rather to learn to tell a better a story from a journalistic perspective when John and I take these road trips. I’m sure there is much to say but I need and want to learn how to write it and do so well.

I keep yapping about getting out there and experiencing life, writing about those experiences, and sharing the photos but it’s been all talk. The hardest part has been putting words into action. Well, that and financial resources. I’ve started taking mental note of things I want to do and say I have done. Here are 5 things off the top of my head:

  1. Ride the Zipline on Fremont St.
  2. Visit the top of the Stratosphere and take photos of the view.
  3. Meet Angel Delgadillo; a Route 66 legend, at his barber shop in Seligman, Arizona.
  4. Go camping with John somewhere in the desert.
  5. Travel Route 66 from San Bernadino to Santa Monica and photograph as much as possible.

Consider it a pseudo bucket list. I’m sure I can add many more things on that list but these are just a small handful. The main point is that; as my dad would often say, come hell or high water, I will start making more of an effort to get out more.

And to start, I’m doing something new: Donating blood. One of my favorite coffee shops in Las Vegas; Grouchy John’s, is holding a community event that is seeking donations in the form of blood, school supplies, and food to help those in need. Since my blood type is O negative and it’s considered the universal blood type I decided to participate and later share my experience, at least that’s the plan.

Now, this couch potato needs to get her butt in gear and go do something. What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. JOn ~=:-) Miller says:

    It is true, not just for you. The Scorching heat is a deterrent for many activities. Hang in there! This month and Next month are the toughest. Then comes October, and a bit of shift in the temps.

    May I suggest an alternative to outdoor exercising, or going anywhere outdoors during these hotter months? Even if you do not have the car, have John drop ya off at one of the larger casinos. Pack a small lunch, snacks etc in your bag, and go for an adventure inside a miniature air conditioned city. So many offer such an escape, and it is easy to just walk, watch people, take photos of a “Different city” right here in Vegas. Wanna go to Rome? Caesars. Wanna visit Venice, and watch the singing minstrals (Spelling?) on the gondolas in the canals? Visit The Venetian. (and The Venetian connects th The Palazzo through the underground Mall.

    Many of the casinos have so much to see indoors (and not just the casino part). So many have huge places to walk, explore, and where ya could get lost for a whole afternoon. Planet Hollywood has The Miracle Mile. (Wanna see a tropical thunderstorm and monsoon… while still indoors? The Miracle Mile has it. Caesar’s has The Forum (with incredible fountains inside, plus a huge Fire-fountain show, too.) Treasure Island has a monorail that connects it to The Mirage. Also so many have such fun water-features, they are cooling just to be near.

    Mandalay Bay, The Luxor, and Excalibur all connect via their own monorail, too. Each has its own character, plus so much to enjoy inside. How about City Center, The Cosmopolitan, and Aria? Never mind the “Snobbery” associated with those. You can go through each without stepping outside, plus they Do have some fun sights to enjoy inside. They are welcome to even a funny-looking person like me, and I definitely hate snobbery, but the people here are actually mostly fun.

    Or How about New York, New York? Walk the different neighborhoods of the famed city.

    Even Circus Circus is fun with the carny-atmosphere, indoor circus acts, and The Adventure Dome, too.

    And none of these cost a penny. Many (most) have indoor stairs if you wish to climb instead of taking an elevator, or escalator.

    These are just a few of the things I have found to enjoy on a budget, and are also away from the heat.

    Keep Seeking the life, and you will keep moving forward. It is esay to let ourselves get down, especially when something like the heat is a factor. Hmmm.. maybe you should do midnight walks? Keep Going Kim! I beleive in you! ~=:-)

    • You seem to forget locals despise the Strip…I’m one of them. LOL. I’ve been through all those casinos…many times with a camera in hand. Though now that I think about it, I’ve never been through with a feathered friend for various adventures along the Strip. You; sir, got me thinking. I think Pimento and Mr. and Mrs. Duck need to go on a Vegas adventure. I think you need to join me for one of these adventures and have a good time seeing how much mischief the birds can get into. =) We both know their humans are well-behaved and never get into mischief. *snickers*

      • JOn ~=:-) Miller says:

        I guess that is why I can still find adventure… I do not consider myself a local. (Just passin’ thru). And You’ve got a new photo-adventure buddy to add to your menagerie! I’ll gladly join ya on such a well-behaved journey… smirk!
        (someday…) But oddly enough, when it is hot out, the last place I want to be is INside a building. Some day… we shall :)

        • Can’t wait to meet my new adventure buddy! And someday soon we’ll go on an adventure of some sort be it indoors or out. :-)

  2. The worst place for me to be is in front of the tv unless it’s some kind of documentary or news piece. Finding the story, for me, is about finding the story within the story. What does that mean? Well, first, random people always talk to me. It’s like they can smell the writer in me. I also always talk to the staff of locations because they always have stories. Or, I sit and wait. I find one detail that strikes my interest and go from there. When I’m with blogging friends, I’ve been know to yell out: “that’s the story!”

    Let me think of an example ….

    Yesterday I spent 12 hours at a water park. I spent 45 minutes looking for a Strawberry Daiquiri. I got carded and the man before me didn’t. From there a story developed that turned into an Indian Jones adventure to get a damn adult slushie. It’s all about the details and spinning one moment and putting a magnifying glass over it.

    • I’m getting there with finding a story. Apparently these days I’m slow though. Haha. I think I’ve just been so out of it for so long that I’ve forgotten how to find the story. Add in to the fact I’m a wee bit shy with strangers (which is kind of odd for a soon to be Journalism major) and I’m left twiddling my thumbs in the corner. I’ve morphed into the quiet homebody who doesn’t say squat unless I’m pissed at something or expressing an opinion. I just need to be brought back out of my shell. In time…

  3. Living in Maine, I think I have the opposite problem. I want to be out enjoying the summer before it starts getting cold, and I’m stuck inside!

    As far as finding stories goes, I find that they come to me as long as I’m patient enough to wait for them. That’s the hard part!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

      Patience and I don’t normally get along. I have a short attention span and want to know things right that second. I’ve gotten better (sort of) but when I’m ridiculously hyped on caffeine or simply excited I tend to be more impatient than at other times.