Photographic Adventures on Route 66

Tomorrow hubby and I will once again be packing up the Escape and heading out on the open road for a short trip. It’s vacation time and we’re out to have fun.

To celebrate the excitement of another road trip, I’m sharing¬† a few of my favorite photos from previous trips. All images are from along Route 66 like this next trip will be. What can I say? We love the Mother Road.

Despite the many times I have traveled Route 66 between Victorville, California all the way to Flagstaff, Arizona, there is much more to see. I still need to go further west and visit San Bernadino, Pasadena, Monrovia, and more.

I also need to go further east and explore much more of Arizona with Holbrook, Yucca, and Winslow being my top three. There’s so much to see and so much to explore in other states but for now, California and Arizona currently top my list.

Below is a shot from Hackberry, Arizona. This was taken during our trip in May. Friends Sarah M. and Nick Leonard joined us for the adventure which included a drive from Kingman to Seligman. Unfortunately, my hard drive crashed two weeks after that trip and many of my images were lost. Good excuse to hit the road again, right?

During our road trip in January which took us from Barstow to Needles, California and briefly into Kingman, Arizona I discovered this hilarious gem below in Oatman, a place where a wild herd of burros pretty much own the place. It takes you back to the Old West, complete with a gun show (fake of course).

Also on the January road trip we stopped in Cool Springs, Arizona. It wasn’t much but it was just enough for us to stretch our legs and for yours truly to make use of a Porta Potty (I know, TMI). Unfortunately the restored station/gift shop near this old truck was closed that day so we couldn’t explore inside.

One more from the January road trip: Cubs Liquor in Needles, California. I remember Nick and I had discovered the neon still lit up at this old liquor store and were determined to photograph it. I remember it being windy and very cold that night. No doubt I was complaining. Cold and tired is a dangerous combination with me. Complaining is guaranteed.

The gas station below was shot during our road trip in November 2011 which included a visit to Barstow and an overnight stay in Victorville. Several road trips after this one included our friend Nick Leonard, a fellow Route 66 enthusiast. Much as we’ve enjoyed having him along for the ride I think we’re both looking forward to our upcoming solo trip.

One thing I love most about these trips is the memories. The places we ate, the places we stopped into and browsed around, and even a few gross stories to go with it all. Tomorrow’s trip will take us to Victorville for the Route 66 International Festival. I plan to fill up at least one 4GB card along this 3-day adventure (roughly 350-400 images).

There are many more images to view from our previous adventures and I invite you to check them out on my Flickr page.

Because I love a good story and I enjoy reading about others’ adventures whether it’s on Route 66 or not, please share one of your favorites in the comments. Have a great rest of the week everyone!


  1. JOn ~=:-) Miller says:

    Oooh! The Love of adventure on Route 66!
    I am always thrilled to see what you capture on your adventures along this gem of a forgotten past. Looking forward to your newest captures, too. You mention you still need to visit Yucca. Thought I’d share a postcard I got there in 1997: