Coffee Pot Chronicles Got A Makeover!

Notice something different? Well, how can you not (unless you’re new to this site of course)?! Snazzy isn’t it?

This kick ass new look for The Coffee Pot Chronicles is courtesy of the awesome and talented Courtney Kirkland of Courtney Kirkland Designs.

Where did this story begin and why did I decide to change the site?

It all started when friend and fellow blogger Danielle from Kitten A Go-Go had her site re-designed by Courtney. I fell in love with the new design on her blog faster than you can even say “re-design”. It was then my brain began running at full speed.

For months I wasn’t fond of my design. It felt cluttered, unprofessional, and sloppy. I wanted clean, professional, and simple. I started talking to my husband about a re-design. Financially it wasn’t in our budget but he knew how important it was and urged me to reach out to Courtney despite a few whiny protests about how we couldn’t afford it.

Later, I sent her an e-mail and worked out the logistics to get put on the list for June. I made that first payment and there was no going back.

For two months I eagerly waited for the project to begin. When June 1 rolled around my excitement grew. Over the next month Courtney and I went back and forth with design ideas, color schemes, layout, and everything in between. I knew what I wanted and after working out a few kinks (thanks to my horrible ability to explain things properly) the design came together.

When she showed me the final revision I was floored. Admittedly I was a bit skeptical because I was not seeing it live on my site. But once the site went live this morning I could not get over how great it looked. If I could reach through my screen and hug Courtney I probably would have.

I strongly recommend Courtney for blog design and other design related needs. She’s incredibly easy to work with during the entire process and does what she can (within reason of course) to ensure her clients are happy and get exactly what they want. The new look is exactly what I was aiming for and then some.

To Courtney: Thank you so much for your hard work. I am incredibly grateful for what you have done to make this site look amazing. You rock!


  1. Kim, your site looks fantastic. You picked the right lady and she did a fab job. Everything is so clean and awesome and your photos are really going to pop with this design. I always liked your other site too, but this is perfect. Congrats Kim, I am so happy for you girl!

    • Thanks, Sonia!

      I just can’t get over how much I love this design and how great Courtney is. She really knows how to capture her clients’ vision and their personality.

  2. It looks gorgeous!!

    • Thanks, Danielle!

      I also have to thank you for your blog post leading me to Courtney. Had it not been for your re-design and post about it I’d probably still be struggling to find the right person.

  3. Well done Kim! It looks great.

  4. Love it Kim!!! Clean and professional it is!!!

  5. Congratulations, Kim! It looks amazing. And well done, Courtney.

    While I didn’t think your previous design was terrible or even an eye sore, I do love this one. Simple, clean, amazeballs. I love the colors, too. It feels like a place where you can relax, which was, obviously, the point.

    • Thanks so much, Liz!

      With the old design it wasn’t entirely horrible (I’ve seen much worse) but it wasn’t for me. It just felt too cluttered and unprofessional and I had to change that. Definitely thrilled with how it looks now!

  6. Kim its gorgeous! I’m hoping to one day be able to afford a blog custom design but that is WAYYYYY off in my future.

    • Thanks, Stephanie!

      It took a lot to get me to the point of being willing to pay for a custom design…both financially and mentally. I’m glad it worked out for the better. Reach out to Courtney some time if you ever decide to go that route. She’s very easy to work with and helps make things work for you.

  7. Nice. It’s very simple and stylish. Classy. Like you!

    • There you go again using words you somehow think describe me. First hip and now classy. LOL. With my occasional potty mouth and juvenile sense of humor I’m quite surprised you think I’m classy. Oh how you flatter, my friend. You really do. But I love ya for it. =)

      Thanks, Courtney!

  8. Oh! Did I say classy? My bad. I meant SASSY! (just kidding. in your own way you are a class act. I love that you make no apologies for who you are, potty mouth, sarcasm, and juvenile humor included. That, my friend, IS classy. ;)

  9. It looks SO good. And I know I only know you from behind a computer screen, but it totally seems like you. Now you got me wanting a re-design :)

    • Thanks, Trish! It actually feels good to read you and others are saying it’s very much like me. It tells me the re-design is a definite success since that is the look I wanted to achieve. Score!

  10. Hi Kim,

    It’s a wonderful, clean design, wish I knew what the old one looked like, but this is my first time visiting from SITS.

    Even though you said you worried about the cost of a redesign, and I’m sure two people on one salary’s not easy these days, I still envy you the ability to blog and be a photographer full-time. I’m up till 1am blogging and then have to get up at 6am to get to work. I blog all weekend and I often have to turn down interviews and press screening because I can’t get time off from work to do it. God, I wish I had a husband who would support my blogging non-paying profession.

    Enjoy your blessings!

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      Honestly, I wouldn’t envy me. I don’t blog or photograph all the time actually. Many of my days are spent sitting at my computer bored or trying to find something to keep me busy. I often go days trying to get myself to write and struggling to make it good.

  11. Beautiful design! I am jealous I want a makeover for my site too. Yours is amazing!

  12. What a wonderful look! It is nice to be have something that means so much, like a blog full of hearfelt words, look so nice!

  13. I love the look of your blog – I’m kind of jealous :) I prefer a clean and simple look too.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  14. Hi Kim. GREAT job on the redesign. VERY nice, clean and easy to read. I like it!

  15. It looks great! :)