Beyond Neon – A Downtown Documentary

It’s being called the year of downtown for Las Vegas. With new businesses making their debut encouraging visitors and locals alike to spend time downtown, it’s an exciting time for Downtown Las Vegas and those who frequent the area.

William Swaney; along with his wife Vanessa, is capturing the growth and change in Beyond Neon – A Downtown Documentary.

The film will primarily feature business owners in their daily lives at their business; capturing the successes, struggles, and everything in between. It will capture the lives of those who live, work, and play in an area once considered dangerous to visit.

I sat down with William for a chat to discuss the film and get some insight on his passion for the community and the many changes happening in Downtown Las Vegas.

A resident of Las Vegas and supporter of the changes happening downtown, William is working hard to show a new side to the area. A side that actively supports and encourages community, spirit, business, and economic growth.

During our conversation William said,“Once you start, there’s no going back”. He realized that this film is a much needed look at what is happening in the community and to show the lives of real people. Part of this also includes ensuring the documentary remains positive.

We will show good, bad, and ugly. At the end of the day people will see the beauty in the mess” he said.

William briefly touched on those who downplay the changes and only see the negative saying there will aways be people who are angry but aren’t doing anything. As such, he intends to be selective about any negative aspects he does show in the film.

As the project moves forward, his next goal is to acquire funding using the site Indiegogo to help ensure the project goes as planned and can become a great production. It is anticipated to be completed within 1 year.

Throughout my conversation with William it was evident he cares about his community and wants to see it thrive. “This community harbors the ability to make things creative.” And he’s right. There’s energy and passion that can be seen and heard from many who live, work, and play in and around the downtown area.

To learn more, visit the website at or view a  short trailer of the documentary below:


I am personally excited to see what William creates and will be thrilled when the project is completed next year.

It may be easy to some to write off Downtown Las Vegas but maybe; just maybe, this new documentary will change the skepticism so many have. And if so, perhaps dowtown will finally step out of the Strip’s shadow and be the go to place for tourists and locals. It’s a lofty dream but one I believe strongly William and many others working hard to revitalize downtown will achieve.


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