20 Pounds: Almost There for 2012

277 pounds. That is what my scale read at the beginning of this year. On that piece of paper I’m holding to the left, it reads:

July 2, 2012
Weight: 236.2
Total lost: 41 lbs
and still going!

When I started on my weight loss journey after a startling revelation courtesy of that one pair of pants, I set a realistic goal for the year: Lose 60 pounds in 2012. I’m thrilled to say I am 2/3 of the way there…and with 6 full months to go to tackle the remaining 1/3.

I’ve said many times it’s not easy. To some extent, I am lying. Some weeks are unusually easy with nothing standing in my way. Other weeks are challenging and have given me reasons to throw in the towel. But one look at the progress I’ve made and I flip the bird at those challenges.

Challenges be damned. I have to say I look freaking FABULOUS. And even better than that, I FEEL fabulous. When I look at that photo of me weighing 277 pounds it’s a clear reminder there is no way in hell I’ll be returning to that…EVER.

And that 60 pounds I wanted to lose by December 31? As I said, I am 2/3 of the way there…and it’s only July! To be honest, I have impressed myself. Never have I been this focused and committed to weight loss.

I’ve been fortunate though with the amazing support around me to keep reaching for my goals. Plus the threat of getting my ass kicked from various people tends to help as well. Because of that and the visual reminders I remain committed to my efforts even when challenges are in front of me.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve learned I lose an average of approximately 7 pounds per month which; to me, is a realistic and healthy pace. It’s just under 2 pounds a week with some weeks being higher or lower than others.

So is it possible to lose another 42 pounds by December? Absolutely. To be honest though, I’d be thrilled if it was 4 pounds a month. Notice I didn’t use the word”only”. It’s not in my vocabulary when it comes to how much I’ve lost.

Unfortunately I’ve heard many say some variation of this statement:

“I only lost 5 pounds this month. Dammit. I suck. Might as well give up.”

It’s a defeatist attitude and one I personally won’t allow anywhere near my efforts. Any loss; even a half pound, is still a loss. It’s still a step forward in reaching a goal.

Small steps count. Big steps count. And the hardships and challenges are there to help serve as a reminder that this journey is hard. If it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it.

For those who are also on a weight loss journey: Keep it up! Keep a positive atittude no matter how hard things get. I’m now proof it CAN be done.

As for me, I’m just sticking with my realistic goal of 60 pounds for 2012. Anything else will be an added bonus. 8-)


  1. Cheryl Davis says:

    Girl, you are doing an awesome job!! The photos show huge progress. I love the way you’re thinking and with this train of thought you will definitely succeed! I am so proud of you! :) I am on the same weight loss journey so, I know where you are coming from. The photo you have here, take it and print it out stick it on your refrigerator and computer desk. Trust me it will help keep you motivated. I have done so and when ever I feel like I want to throw in the towel those pictures remind me ” Hell No!” I have came to damn far! :) It works! Awesome job kiddo! :)

    • Thanks so much, Cheryl!

      The positive thinking can be hard at times to be honest, especially when during bad days or weeks. But it’s always there to keep me going, keep me motivated. And with awesome friends like you who are so supportive, well, that just makes it much better. You rock too! Congrats on your weight loss success! Very proud of you too! =)

  2. Adrianna says:

    Congratulations girly, I’m so proud of you! IT INSPIRES ME! I love what you wrote and your philosophy is amazing. I know you’ve been wanting this for so long. My hat is off to you, and whatever it is that tipped the scales and motivated you like this, hold onto both hands and don’t let go ever!!! xoxoxo Keep it up! xoxoxo <3

    • Thanks, Adrianna! Love ya lots my friend!

      It was a pair of pants and a photo that set me off. And now, thanks to so much support, love, and encouragement I am finally on my way to weight loss success. Hell, I’m already there! I prove it by continuing to move forward even through the bad days. It’s hard work but it’s so worth it to see results.

  3. Eeeee! Awesome work, Kim!!! xD

  4. This is a great inspiration! I am sure a lot of people would be interested to know more about your secrets in reaching your goals to lose weight.. Thanks!

  5. Awesome job! You look amazing! Keep up the good work!

  6. Congrats Kim. You are doing great. It really is a piece of inspiration for any woman.

  7. Inspirational!! I look to you to remember that I too can do this and that I WILL get there someday if I just keep trying! Congratulations so far!

  8. I’ve been out of town and missed this. WOW! You look great!

    • Thanks, Wendy! Are you back in town now?

      • Yes I am but not around online much because I’m at the allergy doctor all week undergoing some new testing. I’m glad I popped online for a second and saw this pop up! Oh BTW your new profile picture and hair look great!