The Container Store Arrives in Vegas

Ask my husband about my organizational skills and he’ll likely tell you I make repeated attempts to organize but often go back to the same cluttered messes I am used to.  My desk is probably the worst.

One lazy afternoon it will be cleared of clutter. It’s  neat and organized. Pens are in the cup holder, notepads are stacked neatly, and you can see more than a few inches of space on the desk.

Now, wait a few hours. During that time some little gremlins come waltzing through my office and start tearing up things up all over again. Miraculously my husband’s desk is spared. But mine? Disaster area. And since we have no maid in a 2-bedroom apartment, well, it’s up to me to get things cleaned and organized.

Okay, so this was before we moved but you get the idea.

Here’s where the fun begins:

I joined the ladies of the Vegas Bloggers on May 10 to a special sneak preview of the store at the new location at Town Square on Las Vegas Blvd. We were the first ones to check it out! Yes, even before the media! When I arrived  a boxed lunch and swag were waiting. And of course the awesome ladies from the group, including the adorable Wendy with her lime green hat.

Ahh. Friends, food, and kick ass swag. Who can complain? Not me.

We were told the history of The Container Store from its roots in Dallas, Texas when it opened on July 1, 1978 to its commitment to excellence and quality customer service. After the presentation (and realizing how much they seem to love bloggers…how can you not?) we broke up into three large groups for a tour of the store.

What I loved most about this store? Besides the incredible organization of course. They had quite a few items there from kitchen to laundry to office and so much more that is affordable for this gal’s modest budget. Let’s just say I will be spending a decent amount of time there when I can to get my home neat and organized.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some killer swag to go play with.

If you had $5,000 to go nuts in this store and get your home organized, where would you start? Kitchen? Bathroom? Office? Something entirely different?


  1. Great Post and what a fun day!

  2. Love your pics. Goodtimes! I love how attentive bloggers are when a tour is going on! I am definitely ready to take on the organizational world now and thanks for the “shout out”!

  3. I’ve never been to a container store, but I know if I went I would be in heaven.
    I would probably spread $5,000 evenly through kitchen drawers, our master closet, my office (our desks are gremlin twins), and my office closet- which is for crafts. Maybeeee if there was money leftover I’d let J get some stuff for his office.

  4. First thing I wanted to say is that I am so happy that you got to see me on Thursday. I am sure your day was brighter because of it. :)
    I am really looking forward to getting better organized. I love that The Container Store has “sample” ideas all over the store to visualize everything better.

  5. I’m quite good at making clutters and keeping it that way, too. Honestly, I would rather spend that money on a robot who would consistently do housework for me. ;-)

  6. Those are some serious tweeters you captured there, Kim! (: My desk always seems to be cluttered with papers and MESS. I really miss the days when I had my own assistant to come clear it up and organize it at the end of the day! Your wide angle shot really captures the store well.

  7. Kitchen. Definitely kitchen…