Celebrating A Weight Loss Milestone

Before starting Weight Watchers nearly 2 months ago I’d probably argue it would be another attempt that would fail within a month or two. Getting ready to move into month 2 at the beginning of April I can confidently say this time will be a success.

Let me first note the opinions I am stating about the WW program are 100% my own. No one asked me to write about the program. In my initial 7 weeks, I have had more success than I have in previous weight loss attempts. That alone makes them worth writing about.

This week was no different. I walked into my meeting confident, excited, and ready for this week’s weigh-in. I suspected I didn’t lose 2.8 pounds like the previous week but I didn’t look at that as a negative. I took it in stride and when the receptionist said I lost 1 pound I thought, “Oh, look at that! More progress!”

During today’s weigh-in the scale read 261.6, exactly 10 pounds from my starting weight on February 7. For reaching my first 10 pound weight loss I received the blue ribbon seen above.

My total weight loss since the second week of January is now at 16 pounds and still going. Without a doubt I can say tracking, portion control, exercise, lack of junk food, and being diligent about everything I eat is what has helped.

The support of others at the meetings plus a great leader is another big help. And of course, my friends and awesome husband are also a great help. Hey, I managed to resist donuts at a recent Twitter party! Big thumbs up for that! Coffee; however, I did not resist. 8-)

At last week’s meeting we were asked bring something in that represented our “baggage” referring to how much we had lost. Yours truly went space cadet and forgot to bring in my 10 pounds of excess baggage.

One woman brought in a 50 pound bag of dog food and as she was telling her story, another woman who sat in front of me said, “I hope I get there too.”

My reply? “You will. Don’t hope you will. Just do it.” She smiled at me and continued listening to others and our leader. It felt good to give that kind of support and encouragement to someone else.

So what’s next?

I’m now looking forward to hitting my 5% goal which is 14 pounds. At the rate I am going I’ll likely hit it by week 9 or 10. I’m getting excited knowing I’ll be out of the 260′s very soon.

My mom will be visiting Las Vegas in mid-April and my goal is to be in the mid 250′s by then. I have 4-5 weeks to lose 6 pounds which will put me at 255. Oh yea, totally do-able.

Right now, a piece of fruit is calling my name so with that I am off. A big thanks once again to everyone for your support.


  1. Woo Hoo Kim this is great! I would much rather eat a strawberry over a donut anyday! Good for you!

    • Thanks, Wendy!

      These days, I’ll take any fruit over the donut! Much healthier and far less calories! =)

  2. Woot! Woot! Dude, you’ve officially lost a cat! So the next time you get to feeling down, just tie a cat to your belly and see how that feels!

    (Hint: Not well. They scratch when you tie them to your belly.)

  3. Confuckingratulations, KIM!!!!! xDDD

  4. I’m going to have to ditto Sophia. Not sure I could put it better ;-)

  5. Very proud of you! I really enjoy hearing your successes. And I love that you get the ribbon…I’ve only done WW online, no ribbons there. :(

  6. Nicely done!! WW is pretty awesome!

  7. WAY TO GO!!!! And I had no idea they handed out ribbons. WW might work for me after all. I always like getting “gold stars” and such. How exciting for you, Kim! Way to rock it!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Courtney!

      For even the little accomplishments (looser clothes, resisting something that is bad for you, etc) I get a little green bravo sticker and have now gotten two yellow stickers with the number 5 on them indicating pounds lost. It’s freaking awesome!

  8. Hey, that’s awesome! Congrats on your loss :) Pretty cool they give out ribbons too.