Weight Loss: Successes, Challenges, and What’s Next

Hello friends! It’s a new week with new successes on my journey towards weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Last week’s weigh-in showed a loss of five pounds but due to fatigue and a crazy schedule, I didn’t get around to posting.

My diet leading up to last week’s weigh-in was sub-par and it included some pizza and other junk so that week surprised me. Thrilled of course, but still a shock there was some weight loss. I knew I ate a little too much and exercised too little. But instead of berating myself (okay, maybe a little), I reflected like I often do these days and worked on moving forward.

For those wondering, here are the stats:

Sunday’s weigh-in: 268

Starting weight: 277

Weight lost since January 5: 9 lbs

For this week’s weigh-in I have stayed the same as last week and am surprisingly okay with that. It shows my efforts are paying off and I am doing something right, even if the scale hasn’t budged this week.

I’ve become more conscious of what I eat, how much, and even when. Being a stay at home wife who doesn’t go out much, I don’t have a schedule other than loosely following hubby’s. Throughout this past month, I’ve made more of an effort to be consistent with meal times and not let myself get too hungry. Thus far it’s proven to be a success.

Like the post Celebrating Small Successes, I’m going to list successes followed by challenges:


  • More walking. I’ve committed myself to a bare minimum of 4,500 steps a day and remind myself of my goals when not in the mood.
  • Consistency with eating good food with proper portion sizes.
  • Eating more fruit and vegetables with every meal and occasionally for a snack.
  • Taking on new recipes. So far I’ve only made 2 but it’s more than what I usually do.
  • Finally joined Weight Watchers! More on that below.


  • Fatigue. A lack of a schedule means so-so sleeping habits which often leaves me tired.
  • Not enough water. This past week I’ve averaged four 8 oz glasses per day instead of eight.
  • Figuring out meals and proper planning. I still don’t have this down other than breakfast. It takes time but sometimes it can be frustrating.

Now, about that last success listed: Yup! Finally joined Weight Watchers! This Tuesday will be my first meeting and I have already started tracking food and activity with the PointsPlus system. It’s easy to understand so far and I’m finding great recipes to try. I’m looking forward to attending the meetings each week. I know it’ll be tough but I’m ready for it.

What’s next?

Learning what works and what doesn’t in addition to figuring out how to plan properly. One of my biggest weaknesses is cooking and planning meals so I am setting out to cook more and learn how to plan. Also, I am going to begin working on a more consistent schedule that will include a specific bedtime whether hubby is with me or not. That’ll be the hardest thing to do but I think it’s vital if I expect to continue to see results.

When it comes to weight loss and/or healthy eating habits, what is one success you are most proud of? What is your greatest weakness?


  1. Cheryl Davis says:

    Hi Kim! Keep up the good work! Great job!

  2. Cindy Swink says:

    Good job Kim! I like your positive attitude! A positive attitude will definitely help you with the uphill and sometimes downhill road of weight loss. I look forward to following your adventure!

    • Thanks, Cindy! The positive attitude hasn’t been easy but it’s definitely a wonderful change and makes it easier to look forward even when the days aren’t so great. Onwards and upwards, right? Yea, baby! =)

  3. You’re inspiring me to do better. Now that you’ve joined Weight Watchers (something else I keep considering because everyone who does it has success), I might be copying you again. Keep it up, Kim. You’re enthusiasm and determination is contagious!

    • Yay! Glad I’m helping in some small way! It’s a great feeling knowing I’ve inspired you. And here’s me kicking your butt and telling you to go to Weight Watchers! Don’t say you might be copying me by going…DO IT! =)

  4. Best of luck, Kim!

  5. Your challenge could give me inspiration to reach my newest goal! Thanks for it! Actually my resolution for the new year was to get in shape and live healthier, but I’ve lost my motivation. Thanks to you article I can feel the power again!

    • Just do it! It can be a challenge but the rewards will be worth it. Just take it one day at a time and don’t give up. I wish you the best of luck!

  6. Great work, well done! I will say something though, even though you are trying to lose weight and that is your main goal sometimes getting hung up on the weight can be counter productive, checking too often is not a good thing and while you might find it sometimes motivates you remeber that the changes you make are making you a more healthy person and because of that they weight will fall off when its ready.

    • Valid points and I do appreciate them. However, not checking and paying attention to what I eat, when, and even how much has contributed to my weight gain rather than weight loss. I’ve lost weight so far by tracking what I eat and how much in addition to adding regular activity to my routine. For some, not tracking works. For me so far, tracking is helping me stay accountable for my actions and diet. I’m not up for waiting for the weight to fall off on its own when it’s good and ready. I’ve tried that route and it’s never worked. What’s working now is tracking, exercising, and regular support.

  7. Good luck! I really changed my lifestyle when I had emergency gall bladder surgery last December, 2011. I had to go on a near zero fat diet for 3 months and it really was the wake up call I needed. Since then, I have eliminated the easy high fat foods like cheese, other dairy and red meat and have really incorporated a lot more vegetables in my diet. My new favorite foods are kale, lentils, and sweet potatoes (instead of white potatoes). I even eliminated sugar and reduced greatly the amount of bread I used to eat. I also added a daily walk and so far I have lost 20 lbs in 2 1/2 months. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I can’t believe how much better I feel. I don’t feel any deprivation at all and I hope to continue to lose weight over the next year at this slow pace. My goal is to eat this way the rest of my life (I am 52) and lose th weight slowly over time.

  8. Jer Marie says:

    Good work…. now you’ll have to do is maintain what you are doing to achieve more….. Great Job!!!

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  10. Ohh… I can relate so much. You know the “I’ll do it later/tomorrow” habit, it always beats me. But thanks for your very useful and I know very effective tips, I will really can DO IT.