Screw Resolutions! I have GOALS

Note: I had no decent photo to illustrate 2012. Just enjoy a pretty sunset photo. 8-)

Each and every year during the final week of said year we all start blabbering incessantly about what our resolutions for the new year are. Eat better, work out more, quit smoking, cut back on soda, have more sex, whatever. For most, these resolutions have flown the coop by January 31.

Most of us set unattainable goals filled with unrealistic expectations for the year ahead. Resolutions are all well and good but it’s quite often the same old bullshit talk repeated year after year. Nothing is ever resolved. We’re older, heavier, still smoking, now drinking a 6-pack of Coke per day, and eating more junk food than ever.

For some, guilt sets in by Christmas and we start churning out those promises to do better and stick with it this time. We all know that’s a crock of poop.

It’s that mentality and the lack of setting goals that has been part of why I have gained more weight in one year than I have over 5 years. It’s why I’m still sitting in my chair wondering what the hell happened and when I got so fat, so boring, so…blah. That’s not meant to be self-destructive, that’s there to serve as a wake-up call for the year ahead. The excuses and bullshit has to stop.

Which is why I am flipping the bird at the word “resolution” and instead making goals. Realistic goals that with a little more effort and less yappity yap to inflate my own ego or some futile effort to pretend I’m doing something important I can actually achieve.

In no particular order here they are:

1. Lose 60 pounds by December 31

At an average loss of 5 pounds per month, 60 pounds is an achievable goal over 12 months. I must admit I am ashamed to say I have started to creep dangerously close to 300 (I’m within 30 pounds sadly enough…ugh). In the next few weeks I’ll be joining Weight Watchers and going weekly with my mother in law. She’s offered to pay for my first month of membership but if for some reason financially she cannot afford it I will either split the cost or pay for it on my own.

2. Exercise more. Better known as “Get off your ass and move! Walking 5 feet and snapping a photo then walking another 5 feet doesn’t count!”

Friend and fellow blogger Danielle of Kitten A Go Go made an excellent point/observation on Facebook recently: If she has time to futz on Pinterest, she has time to hit the treadmill. And she doesn’t overdo it either. She takes a book and walks slowly for a certain amount of time and reads while she walks. Easy enough, right? Doable and a great way to get exercise. Mind and body workout all in one. Win!

3. Get finances in order and start prioritizing better

Hubby and I tend to verbally duke it out over finances with both of us being dead set on thinking our way is the only right way. He thinks he knows better than I do and I think I know better than he does. For this year, I’ve declared that if I am going to be the stay at home wife, I am taking control of the finances. That means it’s time to sit down and decide what we want vs. what we need and plan accordingly. We’ve agreed to allow him to take control of the grocery shopping since apparently I suck at it.

4. Stop whining and complaining so much

Admittedly, this is a lofty goal. When I don’t get my way/feel like I’m being ignored/have been cooped up for too long/whatever I start whining and complaining like a spoiled little girl. Tantrums have a way of dominating the household at times. At 31 years old, I should know better. Apparently I don’t otherwise I wouldn’t need to write a goal to stop bitching so much.

5. Eat better and cut out the frozen pizzas, frozen burritos, and that late night cheeseburger because we’re too damn lazy to cook

Yea. Another classic “resolution” that so many of us use. “I SWEAR I’ll eat healthier this year! No bullshit!” Truth is, I’m guilty of saying that and then failing within a month. This year, I am determined to cut that lazy mindset and stay focused. Right before John and I married I went a full 60 days without soda. I can and will do it again thank you much only this time it’ll be the entire year. Soda is bad. Water is good. ‘Nuff said.

Let this blog post serve as a way of reminding me of these goals. If my friends and fellow bloggers see me misbehaving, I’m crossing my fingers they’ll hold me accountable and kick my ass back into shape. I want my life back and I want control over my life again. Talk is cheaper than a 2 dollar hooker on Fremont St. in Downtown Vegas so it’s time quit talking and start doing.

Here’s to a new year and achieving goals instead of the same old craptastic resolutions. Happy New Year my friends!

Question for today: Goals or resolutions? What do you call them and why? Do you have anything you’re determined to achieve in 2012? If so, what is it?


  1. Kim I am so excited to read this about you! I have never liked or used the word resolution either {well I did this year once for the first time but that doesn’t count} and look at each day at what I can do to move forward in a positive way and never dwell on the negative or what I didn’t do. It has served me well {although I am in no way perfect} and has left me with a very happy life.

    Motivation is a GREAT thing to have and I am lucky to have it and realize that most people struggle some with it. If I can help you with this in any way I’d love to. I started healthy eating and living when I was in Jr. High and once you do it becomes the norm. Don’t look back at mistakes you make {with the exception of learning from them} only forward. It takes time of doing something over and over for it to become part of your routine and then easier. I have studied and also believe that the power of your mind is more powerful than most people realize.

    My sister in law started Weight Watchers last year and has lost 70 pounds. It’s been hard for her but she is so happy. You are correct at taking it slow so you don’t get discouraged and realize that if it took you 2 or so years to get a certain way then it cold take just as long to get back. For many people support is what they need.

    Sorry for the wordy comments I’m just so excited for YOU!!

    • Thanks so much, Wendy!

      I’m terrible with motivation so that’s something else I have to wokr on this year. I know (sorta) how to eat healthy and live healthy but I often lack the support and accountability I need to stay motivated and achieve my goals. When I know I have supporters and people who will honestly be there for me, it helps big time. Knowing you live so close to me, it would be greatly appreciated to take a walk with you some time and help with exercise. That is the hardest part for me. I’m much more into it and willing to do it when I have a friend with me.

      There is no more “I hope to do…[whatever]” in my vocabulary. Now it’s, “I will” and “I can”. Granted right now it’s still mostly words but I know that the more I work at it and the more support I get those words will turn into actions.

  2. Cindy Swink says:

    Way to go Kim!! An advisor told me many years ago that setting resolutions is setting yourself up for failure. I set goals, like you, reasonable and productive goals. Telling others about your goals helps to keep you motivated and holds you accountable. More power to you! I know when you put your mind to something you achieve it!!! We are working on our goals for the new year too!

    • Thanks so much, Cindy!

      I started thinking about resolutions recently and how people always fail them. What I realized is that it’s because we set up these unattainable expectations on ourselves or expect things to change overnight. I’m guilty of that too. I get impatient and easily discouraged. But I know damn well that with the support of amazing friends like you plus the power of social media and blogging that I can and will make my life better. Here’s to kicking ass this year and reaching our respective goals!

  3. I call them resolutions. And I never have any of them at nye. OK, I lied. I only have one resolution for the next year: I want to do my best all the time! If it’s about baby steps, it’s okay for me. I don’t like the dramatic promises.

    • Thanks, Cindy!

      I hear ya on baby steps. Try too hard to do too much and you end up failing. Take it one day at a time with small steps while celebrating the small accomplishments and things will change. It is true that attitude is everything. Now I just need to make sure mine stays positive. =)

  4. I am always in trouble with the resolutions for the next year. Some call them goals. I am afraid to plan big things, because I don’t want to feel disappointed. I only want to reach my goals with baby steps, but many of them. My first baby step for 2012 is to clean up:)

  5. Goals all the way!!! I also saw another blogger call them “plans” vs. resolutions. Love that too. That said, I love your goals. I too am trying to drop about 60 pounds by year’s end and I’m avoiding frozen and fast food crap completely. Go us!!

    • Woot! Go Charli!If you are ever in need of support and encouragement let me know. We can be there for each other! Best of luck to you!

  6. Awesome goals! I have very similar ones, although I never outlined them in writing. I’m trying to eat better (mostly more fruits & veggies), get more (some) exercise, and hubby & I are currently working on improving our financial situation (thank you Dave Ramsey!)

    Best of luck on achieving all of your goals this year!

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