Project 365 – Week 6 Round Up

Another week come and gone. A week filled with adventure and hundreds of photos recording the moments. From chasing a train to Thanksgiving dinner to documenting a lazy night at home, it’s been a wild ride for week 6.

Unfortunately, yours truly has become rather lazy when it comes to this blog. It’s a combination of being uncertain what to write, how to write, and simply not feeling up to writing. For four straight days I spent my day gallavanting around the desert in multiple locations, something that is a bit of a rarity around here.

Week 6 ended much more calmly than it started and week 7 has started off with a bit of a bang as well. The second and third days of week 7 will bring hubby and I to Victorville and Littlerock, California for a brief desert adventure.

And now, I give you week 6.

Day 36 - Rumskey Day: It's rum. It's whiskey. It's Rumskey! Our friends over at the Las Vegas Distillery celebrated the debut of their new spirit with a special gathering complete with a pirate, a cowboy, and plenty of delicious cocktails.

Day 37 - Chasing the UP 844: Nothing says fun quite like chasing a famous steam engine through the Mojave Desert. Hubby and I got up early to head into Kelso to catch a glimpse of the UP 844 and spent the day photographing and meeting some interesting folks.

Day 38 - Lou Ruvo Center: It's damn near a rite of passage for every Las Vegas photographer to get just one good shot of the quirky Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. I finally got mine.

Day 39 - Typical Writer: Hubby was making fun of me on this particular morning by referring to me as a typical writer with my coffee and papers scattered about. I decided to one up that by putting the wine jug on the table and added a pile of books for effect.

Day 40 - Pizza and Prosecco: Yea. We're so classy we have pizza delivered and wash it down with a bottle of Prosecco. Don't hate. This is just how we roll around here.

Day 41 - Turkey Feast in Gravy: There's a video of hubby saying "Turkey feast in gravy" in a hilarious way. To honor that hilarity and to celebrate Thanksgiving, hubby bought these two cans so even the cats could enjoy a holiday feast. Yup. They're spoiled.

Day 42 - Burger and Fries: Who goes to Café Bellagio and orders a burger and fries? THIS GAL! We finally got around to using our gift card from Bellagio by treating not only ourselves to a delicious lunch, but also my in-laws. Good times were had by all.

And that my friends, ends week 6 and I’m now going full steam ahead into week 7. I still haven’t gotten around to the point and shoot week as I had planned but that’ll be coming soon. If it weren’t for the recent crazy, fun filled adventures I’d be shooting more on the P&S. Perhaps for week 8? We shall see.

Hope all of my friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

As always, the question of the week is this:

What photo is your favorite?

And for an added bonus:

How was your holiday? Was it the usual turkey fare or did you indulge in something different? Share your holiday stories here!


  1. How am I supposed to choose a favorite?! You gave me yummy food, the comedy of pizza and wine, and Rumsky!