I’ve Moved!

MovingWell, the blogging end of things has that is.

The Coffee Pot Chronicles has, for the time being, run its course. I have enjoyed writing for this blog and am grateful for the things I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had along the way. Overall it’s been a great run and I appreciate all the support.

There is still a possibility I may resurrect this site down the road but for now, it’s time to part ways. Thank you for your readership during the past two years.

I am now posting on the new Kim Ulmanis blog. Click the link to visit the site and follow.

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Kim Ulmanis – Blog

Thanks for being a part of my blogging adventures! I look forward to seeing you on the new site and the fan page!


Changes Coming to CPC

Following some serious reflection after writing my previous post, I came to the conclusion this blog was in desperate need of a few changes. I could not understand why my interest had waned so significantly and why I didn’t seem to care if I walked away. My “Aha!” moment came in the form of search […]

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Finding Direction

With the recent passing of this blog’s second birthday and a third web site slowly being completed, I started to question the direction I wanted to go with each site I own and where I wanted to go with life in general. Lately I am often confused. I ask myself a series of questions pertaining […]

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Merry Christmas!

Never trust a penguin with a drinking problem.

From our house to yours, the Ulmanis family would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. For those who do not celebrate, we wish you a happy holiday. Thanks for being here to share this festive time. This year, we skipped the Christmas tree but definitely not the fun. On Christmas Eve I spent […]

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Project 36: A Year of Reading

Project 36: A Year of Reading

Say hello to Project 36. A new challenge dedicated to reading at least 36 books in one year between January 1 and December 31, 2013. To understand where this idea came from let me give you a little bit of background on my past reading habits. When I was a little girl I always enjoyed […]

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